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Cirtek unit extends telco presence in U.S.



Quintel USA Inc., the United States-based unit of Philippine Stock Exchange-listed firm Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corp., has extended a master supply agreement with two telecommunication companies in North America.

In a disclosure, Cirtek said the agreement between Quintel USA and two unnamed carriers provides for a business extension of another five years.

“This comes at a time following a series of new product introductions released by Quintel when fifth-generation (5G) is at an inflection point,” Cirtek said.

It added, “Quintel’s 5G products are precisely designed with the customer’s network architecture in mind allowing synergies in terms of backward compatibility to existing infrastructure while providing 5G capability at a fraction of the cost against competitor products.”

Quintel expects to grow its business in the near to medium term due to the relevance of its products and positive customer reception.

According to a research and market study published in March, the global 5G base station market is anticipated to grow by a compounded annual growth rate of around 32 percent through 2028, with an estimated cross-market valuation of $177 billion by 2028.

By 2025, the total amount of traffic carried on mobile networks will grow to 4,150 exabytes, and 58 percent is likely to come from 5G.

Cirtek also expects 5G subscriptions to grow from around 200 million in 2020 to about three billion in 2025. The global number of connected devices is projected to increase to 43 billion in 2023, an approximated threefold increase from 2018.