Ongina and Rock M. host ‘Fashion Photo Ruview’

PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF TWITTER.COM/@ongina The first Filipino-American contestant of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ Ongina.

September 5, 2022

The first-ever Filipino-American contestant of RuPaul’s Drag Race (RPDR), Ongina, is hosting a version of the web series Fashion Photo Ruview, which focuses on the first season of Drag Race Philippines, the Philippine version of the phenomenal American drag competition.

Fashion Photo Ruview is created by RPDR producer World of Wonder and is released on YouTube. In the show, two drag queens critique the looks of contestants in each episode via photos and video snippets, giving them either a “Toot” or a “Boot.” Initially focusing on RPDR, with RPDR Season 4 winner Raja Gemini and alum Raven, known fashion queens, as hosts, Fashion Photo Ruview now has different versions as the franchise grows.

Ongina posted a teaser video of Fashion Photo Ruview on her Twitter account (@ongina) on 23 August, delighting many fans.

“Remember: It’s just an opinion and it’s subjective. So we will probably agree and disagree. I love this franchise and all the queens so much! Super proud! Enjoy!” she wrote, knowing how critiques can create firestorms.

The first episode was dropped on YouTube the day after. She was joined by Filipino-Vietnamese-American drag performer Rock M. Sakura, who appeared in RPDR Season 12. The debut episode dealt with Drag Race Philippines Season 1’s runway looks with the category “Ter-No, She Bettah Don’t!”

Ongina introduced herself in the video as being born in the Philippines and growing up in the United States. Rock M. has yet to visit the Philippines and said she would rely on Ongina for references.

Brigiding, Corazon, Minty Fresh, Viñas DeLuxe and Gigi Era earned Toots from both hosts, while Marina Summers, Turing, Prince and Xilhouete earned Boots. On the other hand, Eva Le Queen and Lady Morgana earned a Toot from Ongina and a Boot from Rock M. The Top Toot was given to Precious Paula Nicole.

“The way that this screams Filipino culture for the world to see, like, is so exciting for me, and I just appreciate this so much,” Ongina commented.

On the other hand, Rock M. said, “The fabric has so many different directions that’s going in. It’s very fun and playful. The eye always has a place to land. A great representation of the ladies that she was trying to portray. Absolute great job.”

Photograph courtesy of World of Wonder
‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 12 contestant Rock M. Sakura co-hosting ‘Fashion Photo Ruview.’

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