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Quarantine grounds many people these pandemic days. But some get stuck at home under unusual circumstances.

Olivia Crump couldn’t leave her third-floor Atlanta, Georgia apartment last 27 December as her stairs were missing. The property manager apparently did not know that renovation workers also repaired the stairs leading to Crump’s unit and removed them. The manager learned about it when she called up to inquire.

Crump’s TikTok video of the missing stairs went viral. Fortunately, she was not harmed. It took workers four hours to reinstall her only way in and out of the house.

In Salt Lake City, Utah, a man detained a woman in his home for several weeks to force her to love him, according to a New York Daily News report citing her affidavit of complaint.

The captor, Ramone Martinez, 39, told the woman she had six months to comply or be killed, the affidavit read.

He also beat the victim to convince her. The captive was able to text someone for help leading to her rescue.

Police raided Martinez’s home and arrested him. His plan of making his victim fall in love with him failed. Worse, he had been charged with assault and kidnapping.

Meanwhile, a Chinese woman surnamed Wang recently went to the city of Zhengzhou in central China to spend a week meeting prospective suitors.

“I’m getting old now, my family introduced me to 10 matches… The fifth date wanted to show off his cooking skills and invited me over to his house for dinner,” Wang’s vlog post on Weibo, a Chinese version of Twitter, read.

Wang, however, couldn’t end the date since last week. It’s not that she had found her future husband. Neither was she trying her host’s other recipes.

So far it seems romance has yet to blossom during their prolonged date, according to another vlog post of Wang who says she’s looking for a more talkative partner. She also described his cooking as mediocre.

Wang later removed the videos that went viral on Weibo as her unidentified suitor was getting annoyed by calls from friends. She thanked the millions who followed her vlog and told them she was hoping that the Covid outbreak in Zhengzhou ends soon so the lockdown that caught her stranded in her blind date’s house will be lifted.

Wang was having the dinner date when authorities abruptly placed the city under lockdown so she couldn’t leave.

WITH AFP @tribunephl_wjg