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Breast cancer survivors pay it forward

My cancer journey was made easy because I knew I was not alone. I had my sisters from ICanserve.



October ushers in Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to raise consciousness. The diagnosis is not a death sentence as others may believe it to be, most specially when detected early.

In fact, there is a dedicated organization that advocates educating the general public, primarily women, regarding this difficult circumstance. ICanServe Foundation assists these sufferers and survivors. It likewise provides them with support groups and special services to aid in their healing and recovery.

Let us listen to the stories of these survivors and their reasons to give back:

MARY Anne Solomon

17 years survivor
When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I went through a rollercoaster of emotions and felt sorry for myself. I realized that I was not the only victim but also my family and friends who worried about and cared for me.  ICanServe allowed me to put breast care to heart and emboldened me to put a face to survivorship. My cancer journey was made easy because I knew I was not alone. I had my sisters from ICanserve. No one should die of breast cancer if detected early. We want to keep families whole.  Our mantra is Early Detection saves lives.  My continued support is my way of paying it forward.

Ron Flores

4 years and 6 months survivor
ICanServe made me positively accept where I am in my cancer journey. God has given me a miracle and without doubt, He will do the same for others. By supporting the foundation, I can aid women who are fighting similar challenges.  Our mission is to let people know that early detection is the best protection against breast cancer.

Yvonne Palma

7 years and 6 months survivor
They inspired and motivated me to muster up the courage to undergo a check-up and seek treatment. ICanServe continues to advocate women empowerment. The support, camaraderie and fellowship among members is something I look forward to hopefully in the near future.

Myres Llido

8 years and 9 months survivor
I am surrounded by love and care from members that constantly assure me I am not alone. Being a breast cancer survivor gives me a deep desire to help others; to offer hope and strength to newly diagnosed cancer patients. I am able to do these through ICanServe Foundation. I am involved in their different programs specially in the dissemination of information that can save lives.

Nelia Navaro

18 years survivor
I joined ICanServe two years after my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. The foundation gives me a sense of belonging, where I am neither ashamed nor afraid to show my emotions of happiness, loneliness and, sometimes, even sadness and depression. I sincerely believe in the foundation’s advocacy and I want to take part in its efforts of providing information that allow women to take control of their healthcare and help them cope with all aspects of their cancer diagnosis.

Fely Atienza

21 years survivor
I am always inspired and motivated to support the programs and activities of ICanServe because it gives me the opportunity to give back and serve. The Almighty God has given me 21 years of life after being diagnosed with breast cancer. ICS is family to me
— where friendship is real and support, unconditional.