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Dear Editors,

We wish to set the record straight regarding some imputations made by the Daily Tribune in its 15 August 2021 commentary, regarding the unification formula proposed by Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson for the May 2022 elections.

First, Sen. Lacson’s formula stems from the hopes expressed by some prospective non-administration candidates for a united front next year — the same unity that prompted talks among other personalities considering running in 2022.

While there could be complications from such a suggestion, Sen. Lacson’s proposal is nevertheless sincere and selfless. More importantly, his suggestion offers a way to translate all the talk about unity into concrete action.

Given his training in leadership and his almost 50 years of experience in law enforcement and lawmaking, he knows that concepts like unity are easy to discuss — but concretizing and implementing them would be another thing altogether.

As for the Daily Tribune commentary’s claims on political debts should he win, Sen. Lacson has made it clear that good leadership, centered on leadership by example, will define his presidency.

This means being consistent — applying the same rules to all, even “friends” or “allies” — and putting the right people with the right job description in the right posts — based on their qualifications and competence instead of loyalty to the powers-that-be.

In the meantime, Sen. Lacson and Senate President Vicente C. Sotto III will continue to offer themselves as an alternative to provide Filipinos with the leaders they need. They are not DDS or Dilawan, but pro-Filipino.
We hope this clarifies matters. Thank you.

Joel Locsin
Media Relations Officer
Office of Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson