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Muslim communities get needed aid



As the Muslim community observes the Holy Month of Ramadan until its celebration of Eid al Fitr, Muslim residents in Davao City got needed assistance from the First Congressional District Office amid the onslaught of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic.

Davao City 1st District Rep. Paolo “Pulong” Duterte’s office led the distribution of meal packs to hundreds of beneficiaries from Tausog, Iranun, Sama, Maguindanao, Kagan, and Maranao tribes in different barangays in Davao City.

The lawmaker’s team said that the distribution of meal packs is scheduled every Tuesday and Friday until the celebration of the Eid al Fitr.

There were 1,200 meal packs prepared on every scheduled date of distribution and each tribe got 200 meal packs in their respective mosques.

The activity is in line with the directive of the Davao City representative to initiate the giving of food assistance to the Muslim community on the Ramadan period until Eid al Fitr.

In his message, Duterte said that Ramadan is the time for deep reflection, prayer, and contemplation as people around the world face challenging and dangerous times brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, a crisis that threatened everyone’s health and livelihood.