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Living the dream

Honestly, few hours of streaming helps me generate more income compared to when I was a celebrity.



DEXIE Diaz is now living her dream as a full-time streamer with six million followers on Facebook. / PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF REPUBLIC OF GAMERS

Live streaming of video games has shown massive growth throughout the years.

Popularized by Internet platform, Twitch, streaming is a dream-come-true for those who want to play video games for a living. Although it is rewarding, the path to success is unforgiving and offers no certainty to those who are brave enough to try it.

In the case of Dexie Diaz, a former celebrity who turned into full-time streamer, every piece of the puzzle fell into place that allowed her to do the things she loves most and make a living out of it, which is even way more rewarding than being a child actress.

In fact, after she started gaming at seven years old with a Gameboy, she has blossomed into a sensation with more than six million followers on Facebook.

“I was a celebrity before I became a full-time streamer. I have a small community of fans, around 110,000 followers on social media that support me. I really like video games and I became better known in Mobile Legends because a lot of people play that,” Diaz said in an interview with Daily Tribune.

“At first my parents did not agree with my gaming, knowing that I was just a young girl playing with my clanmates who were 18 years old and up. My mom did it to protect me because she knows the gaming community can be toxic.”

But gaming wasn’t Diaz’s first love.

She grew up as a child actress who landed prominent roles in various television programs. However, she reached the crossroads of her acting career, prompting her to lose roles and projects as a child star.

Amed with knowledge on how to act in front of a camera, Diaz took a leap of faith and started doing what she loves most — gaming.

“I felt like people supported me more as a streamer because we share the same interest,” she said.

“They were so happy during my first stream so they encouraged me to stream some more. Streaming does not take up as much of my time and I even became more popular as a streamer compared to when I was a celebrity.”

She added that compared to her previous life in the entertainment industry, she has a lot of time now, giving her more chance to earn more than what she used to make.
“Streaming only takes just a few hours of my time,” she said.

“When I was a celebrity I could end up working 24 hours and I would still feel like it was not enough for me to help other people. Honestly, few hours of streaming helps me generate more income compared to when I was a celebrity.”

Although Diaz is already living the dream, there are still some disadvantages as people only see the fun and glamour and not the sacrifices she made behind the screen.

For Diaz, she had to put her studies on hold, which is a sacrifice that she also had as a young celebrity.

“Schooling became so hard by the time I was in Grade 6. I always ended up being absent so we tried homeschooling,” she said.

“I want to continue my studies but I just can’t right now given the opportunities that I have. I can juggle it with my career but I have so much to do so time management is a struggle.”
Diaz, however, assured that it’s just a matter of time before she returns to school.

For now, she is laser-focused on reaching her goals of improving the life of her family and extending her hand to those in need.

“I would credit half of my success to Mobile Legends because some people already knew who I was before that. I am thankful that I played the game because my supporters grew and more people knew about me,” she said.

“Since everybody has a cellphone now and it is free to play, it is easy access when you do not own a personal computer.”

She added that streaming isn’t easy.

But it’s very rewarding, a job that allows her to live her dream.

“For those who want to stream, do something unique. Do not imitate others so your viewers would get to watch something new,” she said.

“In my case, it helped that I was one of the first few female streamers. It is also important that you entertain your viewers all the time to make them happy. Lastly, be kind, do not create issues.”