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JPE daughter:`Never felt any better’

I took Ivermectin right away, the one compounded by Dr. Allan Landrito. I took it for five days straight.





Businesswoman Katrina Ponce-Enrile has tested positive for Covid-19 for the fourth time, but she is now beginning to feel better after taking Ivermectin.

In an interview with the Daily Tribune, the daughter of former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile said she tested positive in December 2019, then in July and September of  2020, and last March.

Between the first and the third, she had to go through all the body aches and anxieties.

“I am what the doctors call a ‘long hauler,’” she said in a phone interview.

“I have had all sorts of symptoms ranging from an excruciating sore throat (first sign) to loss of taste and fever. I even had hair loss and sores on my gums. But this time around, my symptoms were quite different, it started with an itchy throat, and my whole left side of my face was painful from my left eye, left ear, and a stuffy left nostril,” she told Daily Tribune.

This time, it’s different, she said.


Enter Ivermectin

“This is my fourth bout with this dreaded disease. I am now going to divulge what I did on the day I tested positive this fourth time around which I never did during the first three times I had it,” she stated.

“I took Ivermectin right away, the one compounded by Dr. (Allan) Landrito. I took it for five days straight. Together with that I also took Quercetin (Zinc Ionosphore) 1500, Vitamin C 3000, Vitamin D3 5000 iu (international unit), Zinc (elemental) 50 mgs (milligrams), Magnesium Citrate 800-1200 mgs per day divided by 3 (so you spread the 800 or 1200 mgs into three times during the day), Vitamin B complex in the morning (anti-stress) 50 or 100. I took 50 only. And at night time I took Melatonin 5-10 mgs. I also took Herbycin for my throat and cough, 15 ml every four hours until my symptoms disappeared,” she said.

Doctor Landrito has been publicly advocating for the use of Ivermectin for the treatment of the Coronavirus, against the counsel of health authorities in the Philippines.

“On day three, my eye ache disappeared, and my sore throat/itchiness of the throat waned. I had no more left earache. I never had fever. My oxygen level was steady at 98-99 on the oximeter,” Enrile shared.

“I drank 1.5 Liters of water every day and I have been eating well. This time I never lost my sense of smell nor taste,” she added. “Oh, I forgot to mention that I spray my throat with Betadine solution and also gargle Betadine solution.”

Enrile also posted on her Facebook account her Covid-19 experiences and how she dealt with it, including the use of Ivermectin.

The last time she tested positive and was given the controversial drug, she gave it to her 97-year-old father because she didn’t want him to get infected.


Fourth time

But on her fourth time, she gave Ivermectin a try on the advice of her doctor. “And I never felt any better,” she said. “After taking it, I felt so energetic. None of the fatigue and dizzy spells I experienced in the past.”

For all that, she was very grateful. She’s telling her experience now, she said, if only to help others learn from it.

And on her Facebook account, Enrile asked people to keep on praying for deliverance, especially for others fighting Covid-19.

“If it’s not the virus, it’s hate crimes against races. We are truly at the end times folks! We need to pray even harder. We all need the Lord in our lives,” she said.


Prayer for the sick

“Lord so many are sick, Lord I pray you to heal all of us who are in need of your miracle. I know so many are fearful and in panic.

Lord kick the spirit of fear out of our lands as we take authority through you Lord Jesus to command every evil spirit to depart from our land. Cover us Lord as we do this by faith.

Send your warring angels to be around us and to protect our homes and our loved ones. In Jesus’ mighty name I pray,” she said on her Facebook account.