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Coppermask gives protection with fashion



Facemasks have now become part of our daily norm during the continuing pandemic brought about by the deadly SARS-CoV-2 virus, the virus that causes Covid19.

Governments worldwide have strictly recommended its citizens to wear facemasks when going outside to help prevent the spread of Covid19 especially here in our country.

As the months continue to count not knowing for certain exactly when this pandemic will end, people are taking this situation with a positive note by protecting themselves in style!

CopperMask is harmless to humans, skin friendly and can block saliva droplets.

The Covid19 pandemic did not only brought fear and uncertainty to the general public but also heightened their awareness on how one should take care of themselves.

Copper can help fight off bacteria and viruses.

People nowadays are cautious about their health and hygiene. Most of us now a-days washes and sanitizes their hands often and you can notice a huge difference on how people cough or sneeze these days, being more careful, using napkins or tissue to cover their nose and mouths, and refraining from getting close to other individuals.

Always maintain social distancing and practice proper hygiene to protect ourselves from bacteria and viruses.

But by being a social being, we sometimes want to look good every time we step outside of the comforts of our home and especially with other people around during these times, and that’s where CopperMask is being appreciated the most.

Who says that you can’t look good during the pandemic, well, CopperMask thinks otherwise.

CopperMask has millions of infused copper strands embedded on its film about the size of 5 micrometers in diameter.

Aside from it being made of a special Copper Film, with millions of infused copper strands that by research done on copper mineral, can help fight off bacteria and viruses, especially this dreaded Covid19, CopperMask actually makes safety and fashion mix.

With its unique patented geometric shape that contours perfectly to any face, giving the user that pleasingly attractive appearance, CopperMask boast of its 100% Viral droplets blocking Capability that prevents any droplets from and infected persons mouth or nose touching the users nasal and oral passageway.

The first version of the CopperMask launched in May 2020 saw the evolution of fashion and safety. It later gained popularity later on when CopperMask introduced to the general public its “Limited Colored” mood filters which gave the user different choices of which colored filter to choose from depending on one’s mood.

With its increasing popularity, it then launched Version 2.0 sometime in September of 2020. This second version has seen a dramatic turn for the general public’s clamor. It’s much softer in texture, much thicker copper strands for increase protection, and it has these expression stickers that the user can actually design depending on one’s mood and preference.

Coppermask later on that same year launched its Version 2.0 limited color series, having different version 2.0 colors to choose from like Red, Pink, Yellow, White, Black among others, making it much more popular to those who really want to express themselves in every way.

CopperMask simply gave the general public a positive perception on safety combining with fashion, helping remove any slight anxiety, uncertainty and uneasiness brought by the pandemic.

So the next time you go outside, be sure that you are protected with style.