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Ventilation that’s chic and sustainable



The line was designed in the name of sustainability. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF PHILIPPINE GEOGREEN

Every task needs to be done at home nowadays so having a space where you can feel refreshed and confident is a must. And the best way to do this is to pursue a home with eco-friendly appliances.

Bid farewell to the old-school paddle fans with pull-down switches because Philippine Geogreen innovated Haiku L Series —- chic and sustainable fans apt for stay-at-home families.

Aesthetics and function
The Haiku L series fans that boast of functional design and superior energy efficient. Its industrial strength is also packaged in a sleek design in black or white which can pop up anywhere it is installed.

The size range can fit into different room sizes. The smallest is 112 centimeters in diameter which can be installed to limited ceiling heights.

Its ergonomic design allows it to cool rooms at the fraction of a cost of air conditioning, with a cooling effect that is 80 percent more efficient than conventional ceiling fan motors. Having these qualities, Haiku fans impressively give silent operations —- best for your virtual meetings.

And to top it all, homeowners can enjoy hands-free control because these fans can be operated through its mobile app, voice integration, and wifi option —- best fan to avoid surface exposures.


Fans suited for chic interiors.

Sustainability is the new trend
Haiku L fans are not only functional and beautiful, these are also sustainable that gives full service with lesser energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Sustainability is the inspiration that birthed this innovation. CEO of Philippine Geogreen Liza Morales shared, “Sustainability is our common goal, which is why Philippine Geogreen is determined to help Filipinos live a green lifestyle by providing them access to high-quality eco-friendly products.”

“We are mindful of the Filipinos’ changing needs, and we will address this by continuing to look for the best green products from all over the world that use cutting-edge technology,” she added.

Adding Haiku L fans to your home interiors could be one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your families especially during these times when both personal wellness and sustainability have become a greater concern of the community.

Haiku L fans have hands-free control for less surface exposure.