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Boosting the brew



Kick-Start Coffee is the brainchild of Mike Asuncion, president of Silca Coffee Roasting Company Inc. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF KICK-START COFFEE

Kick-Start Coffee is hitting shelves with a refreshed look and new packaging for their three signature blends! The launch introduces subtle changes that focuses on the positive impact coffee has on drinkers at home, reflecting the need among Filipinos to focus on sustainable partners in a time of constant adversity. Kick-Start Coffee is the partner you can count on for your daily boost!

“The launch of the new Kick-Start Coffee symbolizes the evolution of the brand and an entrepreneurial journey milestone,” shares Mike Asuncion, founder of Kick-Start Coffee and president of Silca Coffee Roasting Company Inc. “We hired a firm from San Francisco to preserve the essence of the original design, while modernizing it with a global appeal to prepare Kick-Start Coffee for new markets abroad.”

Kick-Start Coffee was launched in 2010. The brand was developed with the working adult in mind, to give them the energy they need to get through the day; whether it’s a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, or a late-night conversation that forges new connections. Kick-Start Coffee is more than just a product or a beverage. It is a catalyst for inspiring people who want to start something with the potential to change the world.

“The success story of Kick-Start Coffee can serve as inspiration to Filipinos who are currently evaluating how to pivot in the new normal,” says Asuncion.

From dream to cup

Kick-Start Coffee is the brainchild of Mike Asuncion, President of Silca Coffee Roasting Company Inc. His parents, Enrile and Evelyn Poblete Asuncion, have been in the coffee industry since 1977. With over forty years of experience in the industry, Silca Coffee is now one of the leading coffee roasters in the Philippines.

“Coffee has played an integral part in fueling my life,” shares Asuncion. “As a kid, I have memories of our warehouse stacked with sacks of coffee and going around to farms and watching many people handle coffee throughout the value chain. In college, I conducted my thesis on Exporting Roasted Philippine Coffee to the United States and I concluded it would be feasible, but we needed an established brand from the Philippines to make it successful.”

Mike Asuncion returned to Manila in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis and would trade his life as an investment banker to begin work in the family business. Sparked by a desire to preserve his family’s coffee legacy and inspired by the third-wave coffee culture in cities such as Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco, Asuncion soon achieved his dreams of spotlighting the richness of high-quality coffee roasted in the Philippines with the introduction of Kick-Start Coffee. Within a decade, Kick-Start Coffee grew from a brand sold at bazaars and boutique stores into a supermarket staple.

“I started the brand at a turning point in my life where I pivoted careers after the 2008 financial crisis,” Asuncion adds. “Much like today’s global pandemic shifted people’s plans, the world economic changes at that time rocked my world. I was an investment banker with Lehman Brothers abroad and came home to Manila to become a start-up coffee entrepreneur.”

Mike Asuncion’s love for the industry has led him to trade directly with farmers across the Philippines and coffee origins around the world. This holistic approach has allowed the company to develop sustainable and long-term relationships to ensure each bag of Kick-Start Coffee delivers high-quality and carefully blended roasts that continue the tradition his parents began in 1977.

A subtle new spin on favorites

Kick-Start Coffee’s collection of signature blends arrives in stores this month with new packaging and designs.

The understated elegance of these designs symbolizes the Philippine flag, with positive messages that reflect the brand’s resiliency and dedication to better, positive days.

The new packaging also boasts stronger bodies and resealable tin ties to ensure your coffee remains fresh between servings.

Find them in supermarkets nationwide.