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Filipinta Beauty goes way beyond face value

Katarina Lopez



The illustration on the cover was inspired by Whang-Od, the oldest mambabatok (traditional tattoo artist) from Kalinga, Philippines. 

All beauty junkies will agree that Manila has seen a significant rise in local beauty brands over the past few years. There have been celebrity-owned brands, revivals of trusty oldies but goodies, K-Beauty inspired makeup lines — the list goes on and on.

But, there’s one particular brand that stands out from the rest because of its love for all things local. This is Filipinta Beauty,  an affordable homegrown brand that uses its products to revive the Filipino identity. Its founders aim to bring both fun and learning back to one’s daily routine of painting their face. Filipinta encourages artistry, self-expression and above all, learning about one’s own culture and traditions.

A passion project becomes a reality

Filipinta Beauty started with old friends, an idea and a longing to connect with one’s roots through makeup and self-expression. The homegrown beauty brand was made to honor history. Each product was crafted to impart fragments of Philippine culture and local traditions on to new generations. Filipinta is more than just another local beauty brand, it’s a celebration of the Filipina and her own storied past.

Before their surprise launch online, their Diwata Collection took many months to create. Extensive research along with love and hard work was poured into this idea turned passion project. Hana, the brand’s creative director, explained that one of the biggest challenges for them was logistics, as she herself is based in the US while her partners live in Manila. They were building a brand through endless back and forth, emails and hours on video calls. Despite the difficulties of operating from different parts of the world, they made it work. To their surprise, their first collection was such a hit that the Diwata Palette sold out in only an hour!

Since its launch, Filipinta has already released several other aesthetic and quirky products including a Sorbetes-themed makeup palette, Iskrambol-inspired lipglosses and a Pinta Tinta Lip Collection, just to name a few.

All products are designed with their customers in mind and the colors and shades they formulate are made to suit both fair and morena skin tones. “We want our customers to feel like these are products specially made for them,” Hana says. Their collections include bright but wearable colors to inspire their customers to express and empower themselves through the art of makeup.

Filipinta Beauty places significant attention to every detail, as even the names of the individual eyeshadows are well-researched and tied to the overall theme of the palette. These eyeshadows are named after the iconic flavors of dirty ice cream: ube, avocado and queso.

The future for Filipina Beauty

Every new brand faces its own set of challenges, but the women behind Filipinta Beauty remain undaunted. They are ready to face any feat head-on.

To date, the owners remain very hands-on with their company. In fact, each product purchased is lovingly packed and shipped directly from one of their own homes.

They are currently working on creating 100 percent locally made products. They aim to continue producing the same high-quality products but sourcing them completely from the Philippines.

If you’re curious about Filipinta Beauty, you can check out their online website at