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WrecOver: The answer to hangovers




Nutriplus Laboratories Corporation introduces its newest product — WrecOver, the food supplement that helps prevent hangovers, provides liver and brain protection and ensures a fun night without worry for next-day hangovers for anyone planning to drink out and celebrate.

WrecOver also prides itself on being the very first anti-hangover capsule that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines.

The presence of an affordable, easily carried and consumed hangover-prevention vitamin pill is especially handy in a country that regards social drinking as an integral part of human interaction — whether it’s cracking open a cold one with the barkada on a Friday night or bringing out the champagne to celebrate a successful presentation or promotion.

With a portable, resealable, pocket-sized packaging, WrecOver is a more hassle-free, more easily-consumed anti-hangover solution.

The problem WrecOver seeks to prevent is the dreaded hangover: A group of unpleasant signs and symptoms that develop when your liver breaks down the alcohol in your system and produces acetaldehyde — a toxic, carcinogenic compound that acts as the root cause of hangovers.