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Good tidings

I am pressured. We’re going to do everything that we can. We’ve been training for three months already and direk (Laxamana) is writing a whole new script and we’re very excited to give them new taste.

Kathleen A. Llemit



After two weeks of nonstop dramarama about a feuding showbiz family, it’s about time that we moved on to positive developments this side of Tinseltown.

After all, everyone’s probably had enough of all the salacious details that should have been kept within the family. There’s more to showbiz than stories of scuffling sisters and nieces and amorous affairs.

First on the list is the naming of Matteo Guidicelli as the new Pedro Penduko. He takes off where James Reid left off.

When Reid, once the bankable star of Viva, left its fold and decided to go freelance (a decision worthy of emulation, actually), Viva was left to look among its stable of stars who could possibly play the role once portrayed with such gusto by Janno Gibbs.

MATTEO Guidicelli as Pedro Penduko. INSTAGRAM.COM/MATTEOG

And when Matteo Guidicelli finally decided to join his girlfriend’s talent agency this year, it was unsurprising that he was given the plum role of the legendary Pinoy superhero.

The Filipino-Italian actor wowed netizens with his ripped upper torso which they saw him post on his official Instagram account. The announcement was made in 21 October. He was not the only one replacing a role in the stalled movie’s production. Jason Paul Laxamana replaces Paul Basinillo.

In an interview, Matteo said everything fell into place for him. He did a voluntary crash course on military training this year and considers it as an apt training for his upcoming role.

“I guess timing na timing lang. In the military, I volunteered to do it not thinking what this was gonna bring me in the future,” the actor explained.

He added, “I am pressured. We’re going to do everything that we can. We’ve been training for three months already and direk (Laxamana) is writing a whole new script and we’re very excited to give them new taste.”

No news yet on when the movie is going to finally hit the big screen. It was supposed to be released early this year and jumpstart the Epic Cinematic Universe, fashioned after Hollywood’s Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This cinematic universe will see Pinoy superheroes on the big screen.


SOLENN and Nico both are very, very excited first-time parents. YUMMIE DINGDING

It’s a girl for the endearingly adorable SosBolz couple!

Nico Bolzico will be up for another challenge as he and wife, Solenn Heussaff, are expecting their daughter in a few months’ time.

They revealed her gender during the recent AIA PhilamLife Live Better Expo, where they also shared the stage with English football superstar David Beckham.

Also known as SosBolz, a play on Solenn’s nickname, Sos, and Nico’s last name, the couple is part of a clique of gorgeous pairings. It started with Solenn’s girl friends, actually, who are collectively known as “It Girls.” The group includes, Georgina Wilson, Isabelle Daza and Anne Curtis.

Both the Daza cousins, Georgina and Isabelle, have already given birth. Georgina has two sons, Archie and Alfred Thor, with Englishman Arthur Burnand, while Isabelle has son, Balti, with Adrien Semblat.

It’s now Solenn’s turn to add to the next generation of “It” girls and boys.

“Crazy rollercoaster! There are not only ups but a lot of downs as well. It’s a very scary moment,” she confessed.

She had a delicate first trimester and shared how she had to give up her very active lifestyle. She’s now in her second trimester.

“I’m someone who is always fit and active but then I had to give it up not because you’re not supposed to work out but I had a delicate pregnancy. So all the boxing, etc. But it’s all sacrifices for the betterment of our baby. I also have to review my nutrition because you’re not only eating for two but also thinking for two. You should know what you put into your body,” she stressed.

Nico, a known goofball in their many videos on YouTube, was serious when he talked about their  baby.

“Everything changed, basically. (She) improved my perspective in life because it’s not about me anymore but also about someone else. Before, it was about us (Solenn and I). But now it’s all about her. Everything we do, it’s all about her,” he shared.

They might have shared their worries and pains for now, but both are very, very excited first-time parents.