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Marikina Riverpark to get boost



The Marikina River offers a stunning view for tourists.

The local government of Marikina City on Saturday revealed that it is planning to rehabilitate its park along the Marikina River, in an effort to boost the local tourism.

In a statement, Marikina Mayor Marcelino Teodoro said that he had met with constituents living near the Marikina River on Friday — particularly those who plant vegetables and use the riverbanks as farmland — at the salamyaan along the stretch of Marikina Riverpark just to lay down his plans about the rehabilitation of the river.

Teodoro explained that the salamyaan is a kind of shelter wherein Marikeños — paricularly the elderly — come together in one place to spend time to dine, chat and relax and noted that he plans to reintroduce live farm animals at the river like deers, wild pigs, carabao, ducks, goose and chickens.

The Marikina mayor also said that he build more salamyaans along the river and even a floating restaurant.

“We are eyeing to rehabilitate the river park so that future generations can enjoy the experience,” said Tedoro, adding that the local government wants to further develop the agricultural aspect of the city.

Marikina — known as the Shoe Capital of the Philippines — was once an agricultural municipality.

“We will continue to plant more vegetation, especially the Kamatis Marikina along the river bank which we can provide to tourists,” Teodoro said.