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Most common health terms translated to Filipino




Some Filipinos refer to the language as “intellectual Manila Tagalog” — and for good reason.

Filipino as spoken in the capital is interspersed with a lot of English terms, even in daily conversations between Pinoys born and raised.

This is certainly the case in topics like health, where locals are wont to say “exercise” just as much as “ehersisyo.”

The list below is a compilation of the most common health terms in Filipino for when you’re stumped for the vernacular term of the symptom you’re experiencing.
Filipino words are usually pronounced the way they are spelled.

Filipino English Notes
kalusugan health
ehersisyo exercise
sintoma symptom
sakit pain/ illness “Karamdaman” is also another word for illness.
masakit painful may sakit = the state of being sick
matamlay lethargic
stroke Most Filipinos use the English term.
sore eyes or conjunctivitis Most Filipinos use the English term.
malabo poor/blurry malabo ang mata = poor eyesight
bulag blind
bingi deaf
hatsing/ bahin sneeze humahatsing/ bumabahin = sneezing
pipi mute
lalamunan throat makati ang lalamunan = scratchy or itchy throat
malat hoarseness namamalat ang boses = hoarse voice

namamalat (ang balat) =peeling skin

walang panlasa no sense of taste
pasta (dental tooth filling) magpapapasta = to undergo dental restoration by having a dental filling
puso heart sakit sa puso = heart problem
atake sa puso heart attack
pamamanhid numbness
pangangalay fatigue; also numbness Often felt when one part of the body is stuck in the same position for too long
namamaga swollen pamamaga = swelling
hapdi (a stinging sort of pain) mahapdi ang mata =refers to the type of pain when your eye stings

mahapdi ang balat =refers to the type of pain when your skin stings, as in minor burns

mahapdi ang sikmura = stomach pain that often refers to ulcer

makati itchy makati ang balat = itchy skin
tagihawat acne/pimples
pasa bruise
peklat scar
sikmura/ tiyan stomach sakit sa simura = stomach pain
pangangasim ng sikmura/ pangangasim ng tiyan heartburn/ acid reflux asim = sour
paghilab ng tiyan stomach cramps
impatso or impacho indigestion
nutrition nutrisyon
pagduduwal nausea
pagsusuka vomiting suka = vomit
pantog bladder
almuranas hemorrhoids
buntis pregnant pagbubuntis = the state of being pregnant
nakunan miscarriage
raspa dilation and curettage
dugo blood pagdurugo = bleeding
pampalabnaw ng dugo anticoagulant/ blood thinner
altapresyon hypertension
kasukasuan joint sakit sa kasukasuan = joint problem
rayuma rheumatism
injury pinsala pinsala sa paa = foot injury
pilay disabled
saklay crutch
infection impeksyon
sugat wound
nana pus
lagnat fever
ubo cough
plema phlegm
sipon colds
trangkaso flu
pasma This is a well-known Filipino folk illness and is not part of Western medicine. Musculoskeletal spasm may be the closest term for it.
pasmado The state of having “pasma” (see description above). “Pasma” is often the reason cited behind hand tremors, sweaty palms, numbness, and pain.
kanser cancer
kapansanan handicap kapansanan sa katawan = physically handicapped

kapansanan sa pagiisip = mentally handicapped

gamot medicine
bawal na gamot illegal drug bawal = prohibited or illegal
bakuna vaccine pagbabakuna = vaccination
pangunahing lunas first aid
reseta prescription
botika drugstore
ambulansya ambulance
klinika clinic
ospital hospital
duktor/manggagamot     doctor
dentista dentist
nars nurse
pasyente patient
opera/operasyon surgical operation inopera/naoperahan = underwent surgery

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