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Louise Lizan



Corregidor, one of the most well-known islands in the Philippines, is a witness to the events of World War II. Considered a strategic defense location through the centuries, it provided fortification for both the American and Filipino soldiers and was referred to as the the heart of the country.

Corregidor Now aims to show that learning history is never boring

While regarded mostly as an historical site, it is a place full of fun and adventure.

Seventy-four years from when it played its crucial role in the nation’s defense, Corregidor Island has taken on a new identify, this with the launching of Corregidor Now, the latest campaign actively promoting the re-living of the island through various activities and tourist attractions.

CYNTHIA Carreon (fourth from left) goes hand-in-hand with the representatives of TPB and TIEZA for Corregidor Now.

“For years, Corregidor seemed to be perceived solely as a popular historical site, with its idyllic features unknown to many,” President Duterte’s newly appointed chairperson and CEO of the Corregidor Foundation Inc., Cynthia Carrion, said.

“With our campaign, we hope that it will usher in a new era for this eco-historical location, making it known as a place of sanctuary where one can enjoy a relaxing opportunity to revel in the past,” she added.

Corregidor Now, spearheaded by the Corregidor Foundation Inc., the Department of Tourism through its marketing arm, the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB), and the Tourism Infrastructure and Economic Zone Authority (TIEZA), aims to entice tourists to relive the history of the Philippines and appreciate its beauty.

RELIVE the history of the island through the campaign.

Corregidor Now sets the bar.  As a tourist destination, it will be known no longer just for its rich role in the events of the past, but the adventure and fun that one can have. This will be especially true in the near future when various targets of the foundation shall have been achieved.

A mix of history and beauty
Corregidor Now aims to show that learning history is never boring, especially with how the campaign will highlight more of the island’s various attractions — middle-side barracks, battery grubs, Pacific War memorial complex, Cine Corregidor, Japanese garden of peace, Spanish lighthouse, Filipino heroes’ memorial, Malinta tunnel and Lorcha dock.

Tourists, especially millennials, can expect to join in various on-the-go activities that the island can boast of – biking, bird watching, camping, fishing, hiking, island runabout, and kayaking. In response, hotels and tourism-related businesses have explored the possibility of leasing land on the island.

To bolster the potential of the island, TIEZA is developing a comprehensive master plan for redeveloping Corregidor and rehabilitating the Corregidor South Dock Pier. Carrion has said that the master plan will be finished by the end of December.

Some 12 million pesos have been invested on the island for its tourism development, but it will take more than that to redevelop the whole island.

To book a tour or know more about Corregidor, please email [email protected] visit or call +632.8233281.