(Screenshot from Ren The Adventurer's video / Facebook)
(Screenshot from Ren The Adventurer's video / Facebook) 

Controversial resort construction sparks outrage among netizens

Ludwig Kalambacal

Many netizens expressed their disapproval on various social media platforms regarding the construction of a resort in the middle of Chocolate Hills, a popular tourist destination in Bohol and is recognized as one of the "Eight Wonders of the World".

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the local government of Bohol were criticized for permitting the establishment of a resort in the province's prominent tourist spot, particularly given Chocolate Hill's designation as both a National Geological Monument and a UNESCO Global Geopark.

"How did this 'Resort' got approval from the Provincial Government of Bohol & Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)? How did this resort come to own a parcel of land nestled within these hills?Please do enlighten us," a certain Chenlee Menes wrote on Facebook.

"Republic Act No. 7852 mandates that in the development of the Chocolate Hills as a tourist attraction, its natural beauty and historical significance must be protected and preserved," Christian Louie Lim, an X user, referenced a law that already exists.

Other responses vary from anger to sadness: "Why was this allowed?? This kind of resort should not and must not be supported", "What an eyesore", and "This is sad...😔😔😔".

According to vlogger Ren The Adventurer, who originally uploaded the video, the Chocolate Hills resort in Sagbayan, Bohol is called The Captain's Peak Garden and Resort.