Pick and kick

Pick and kick

The Fossil Rim Wildlife Center (FRWC) in Glen Rose, Texas, USA is a unique zoo as it offers visitors an African safari-style experience. It is known for its drive-thru safari where visitors drive themselves along a path to get a closer look at and feed the wildlife, ABC News reported.

A family recently had a memorable experience at the FRWC that was caught on a camera phone by mom Sierra Robert. She and daughter Paisley, 2, were riding on the back of a pick-up truck so they could feed the giraffes on 3 June.

The little girl suddenly disappeared from the camera viewfinder after the giraffe picked her up with its mouth. Dad Jason Toten was shocked but was alert enough to catch the toddler when the animal released her. Paisley was unharmed.

Corbin Maxey, a wildlife expert, told “Good Morning America” the giraffe was taking the bag of food being held up by the girl when it accidentally grabbed the toddler by the shirt, according to ABC News.

As a safety precaution, the FRWC has disallowed guests from riding through the park in truck beds.

Meanwhile, a 70-year-old horse caretaker in Japan was not so lucky while working on a ranch in Uki, Kumamoto Prefecture on 5 June. He was pulling the reins to walk a four-year-old horse when it became violent, The Japan News reported.

The one-ton horse kicked the old man in the face with its hind legs knocking him down. Police found him unconscious.

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