Highest temperature recorded in Metro Manila — city weatherwoman

Moderate traffic seen at Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City on Friday, 19 January 2024.
Moderate traffic seen at Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City on Friday, 19 January 2024.Analy Labor

36.9 degree Celsius was recorded as the highest temperature in Metro Manila, according to Ana Solis, a state weather climatology head.

Solis at the Quezon City Journalists' Forum said this was also caused by the 'urban heat island' effect.

The 'urban heat island' effect, according to NASA, "occurs when a city experiences much warmer temperatures than nearby rural areas" and the difference in temperature has to do with how well the surfaces in each environment absorb and hold heat.

Solis said the heat or much warmer temperature felt in Metro Manila comes from "urban emission from cemented high rise buildings and complexes".

"Heat naturally is absorbed by [the] (soil) surface, (bounces) emitted through or by the (cemented) walls," Solis explained.

To mitigate the impact of warmer temperature, which Solis said might be experienced until or before mid May, Quezon City District 1 Officer-In-Charge Health Officer, Dra. Clairrol Astilla said the public is encouraged to see and consult the city clinics and center as well as public hospitals for any symptom of heat diseases.

Astilla said they are now constantly conducting lectures to educate communities about the "scorching heat" and how to avoid the "discomfort level" and exhaustion.

They also advised the public "to eat right, stay dehydrated and limit their exposure or wear protective clothes outside of their homes."

Quezon City District 1 Councilor Bernard Herrera on the other hand said they are bent on recommending the limitation of outdoor activities.

Herrera, who is also the committee chair on urban farming and food security, said they also encouraged communities to plant trees aside from vegetations in vacant lots whose owners agree to have them as urban farms.

The City dad also disclosed that he made a personal project to provide big umbrella for street vendors.

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