Muslim communities in Davao City get aid

Muslim communities in Davao City get aid
(Photo courtesy of Cong. Pulong's office)

DAVAO CITY — First District Representative Paolo Duterte distributed aid to nearly 30 Muslim communities in his district as part of the observance of the holy month of Ramadan.

Through his son, Rodrigo “Rigo” Duterte II, his office started the distribution of the 576 sacks of rice and cash aid to beneficiaries from 4 to 5 April.

More or less 1,000 members from Tausog, Iranun, Maguindanao, and Maranao, among other tribes, benefitted from the assistance.

“We will distribute this to over 100 families in our area so everyone can eat,” said Imam Jun-Jun Pandadagan of San Rafael Mosque.

Imam Noli Distansya of the Datu Loho Madrasato Al-Islamie also vowed to split the assistance to more than 200 families in their area so everyone would have a fair share of sustenance during the holy month.

Masjid Jamiun Nur’s Imam Ismael Tahir, who has more than 200 members in the village, said Duterte's office has always been supportive to the Muslim community, especially during Ramadan.

The lawmaker has directed the allocation of aid to Muslim communities during Ramadan, showing respect and providing support to them in this holy month. Ramadan began last month and will conclude on 10 April.

"Ramadan is the time for deep reflection, prayer, and contemplation," Duterte said.

Rigo also showed his support and positioned himself in agreement with the organization's endeavors to accomplish a shared goal of building a community that values diversity and inclusiveness.

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