Learn from history, Marcos urges Pinoys

(Files) President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.
(Files) President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. ROSALES / PPA POOL

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said that political ambitions should be driven by a genuine desire to help the Filipino people, not by personal gain or partisan interests.

In his Vlog No. 255, posted on his YouTube Channel on Sunday, Marcos emphasized the importance of public service and critical thinking in Philippine politics.

Mr. Marcos made these remarks in response to a letter from Erica, a humanities student who expressed her interest in Philippine politics and history.

The Office of the President usually receives letters from the “Bahay Ugnayan,” ranging from politics, rice prices, and the jeepney modernization program, among other national issues.

The President’s remarks also coincided with the 38th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution, which ousted his father, the late President Ferdinand Marcos Sr., from the seat of power, forcing the family to flee from Malacañang.

“Politics should be in the service of the people,” Marcos said. “If we engage in politics because we want to help, then we are on the right track,” he added.

He also highlighted the crucial role of historical awareness and critical thinking in navigating the current political landscape. Likewise, the Chief Executive acknowledged the challenges posed by the spread of misinformation and urged Filipinos to engage in comprehensive information gathering.

“Your interest in history is very, very important because we have much to learn from history,” he said. “The problem now with the technology that we have, it’s really hard to distinguish what’s fake news from what’s true. It’s really up to you. Don’t just read one thing. Read everything,” Marcos added.

He emphasized the importance of independent judgment, drawing inspiration from his grandmother’s advice to “read everything and discern what’s good and what’s not right.”

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