Marcos: half of farm-to-market road program completed

Marcos: half of farm-to-market road program completed

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Monday said his administration has already completed more than half of the total target for the Farm-to-Market Road Network Program.

In a video message on his Instagram account, Marcos said the government had completed 51 percent of 131,410.66 kilometers of farm-to-market roads under the flagship "Build, Better, More" infrastructure program.

"I can now report that 51 percent of that has been accomplished. We have built 67,328.92 kilometers," Marcos said.

"This is equivalent to traveling back and forth from Aparri to Jolo 32 times, so it's quite a long distance," Marcos added.

Marcos, who served as the Agriculture Secretary for more than a year into his term, added that the project is an initiative that would serve not only agriculture, but also the different communities it would connect.

"Its main purpose is to connect the markets and the producers, especially within our agricultural sectors," Marcos said.

The President said his administration will complete the 131,410.66 kilometers before the end of his term, and will persist in the 'Build, Better, More' initiative.

Before this, Marcos said he wanted more roads built in "areas with active agricultural production to address supply chain concerns" and to improve the country's food self-sufficiency.

Marcos also mentioned in his latest vlog that his government's New Year resolution for 2024 is to "build better more" and to do away with regulations that prevent projects from being implemented.

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