Starlink will revolutionize Phl’s internet connectivity — PBBM

(Photo from Bongbong Marcos / Facebook)
(Photo from Bongbong Marcos / Facebook)

LOS ANGELES, California — President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Saturday (US Time) has expressed his confidence that the entry of Starlink, a satellite internet service from Elon Musk's SpaceX, will revolutionize internet connectivity in the Philippines.

In a speech before the Filipino community here, Marcos expressed his optimism that SpaceX-owned internet provider Starlink and similar providers will significantly improve internet connectivity in the country after he visited SpaceX's facility here.

Marcos Jr. also underscored that the Philippines' vast archipelago, with over 7,000 islands, is an ideal fit for satellite broadband services.

"Our vast archipelago is an ideal candidate for satellite broadband service. We look forward to improving broadband connectivity in the Philippines through Starlink and all the others," Marcos said.

The President also believed that the partnerships forged during his trip would soon address the country's internet woes. He also said that he is envisioning a future where slow internet speeds no longer burden Filipinos and instead experience the benefits of high-speed connectivity.

"In the very near future, through the links that we were able to develop in this trip, we are very confident that we will no longer hear complaints about our internet, our online services. We will instead be hearing praise for the speed of our country's internet connectivity," President Marcos Jr. affirmed.

Starlink's satellite constellation, consisting of thousands of small satellites orbiting Earth, aims to provide high-speed internet access to even the most remote areas.

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