‘Bloodless’ drug war gains public backing

‘Bloodless’ drug war gains public backing

A lawmaker on Sunday stressed that President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.'s "bloodless" campaign on the proliferation of illegal drugs in the country is getting steam from the public and is expected to "negate" the attention and condemnation of international watchdog groups.

According to Surigao del Norte Representative Ace Barbers, the Marcos administration's method is also gaining the full cooperation of the public in the apprehension and rehabilitation of drug users and eventually, in the arrest of suspected drug lords.

"It's a bloodless war. It shows that we can slay the dragon that is the drug menace without lives lost," said Barbers, who also chairs of the House Committee on Dangerous Drugs.

He added that the President's approach is an effective strategy that has gained the trust and support of the public in fighting illegal drugs in the country, citing that more relatives of dependents have shared vital information with law enforcers that resulted in successful apprehension and subsequent rehabilitation of drug users.

"Violence, if it can be avoided by our law enforcers in the pursuit of suspects, can result in less anger, resentment, desire for vengeance from our people and will likewise negate attention and condemnation from international watchdog groups," Barbers said.

The solon also urged law enforcement agencies to continue doing their jobs, keeping in mind that the administration's campaign against illegal drugs has to remain on a peaceful and non-violent path.

He asked local government officials and barangay officers to be vigilant against the spread and use of illicit substances.

"It is important that they participate actively in President BBM's anti-drug war. They, together with officials of airports, sea ports and free port zones, are our first line of defense in this campaign," Barbers said.

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