Zamora’s wish: All metro  cities be drug-cleared

Zamora’s wish: All metro cities be drug-cleared

Metro Manila Council president and San Juan City Mayor Francis Zamora said he wants all cities in the metropolis to become 100 percent drug-free.

Zamora, also the chairperson of Metro Manila Regional Peace and Order Council, said all barangays in San Juan City are now cleared from illegal drugs.

"We're the first city in Metro Manila with one-hundred percent of our barangays drug-cleared," Zamora said in an interview on DAILY TRIBUNE's online show Straight Talk on Tuesday.

"The last three barangays were drug-cleared a few months ago. So, previously 18 out of 21 were drug-cleared then the last three barangays were drug-cleared at the start of the year," he added.

Zamora said he wanted to share the best practices they have implemented to make all their barangays drug-cleared.

"It's not bad to copy, especially if what you're copying are best practices. What we do as best practices, individually, we share among each other," Zamora said.

"If other cities have best practices, we share that. We copy it. We have regular RPOC meetings. We have regular MMC meetings. During those meetings, we present those who are doing good things," he added.

Zamora also lauded the Quezon City Police District for its three-minutes response to crime.

"I will share with you the three-minute response of the Quezon City police. In fairness, their police officers are spread out wherever they are — in certain radius. Their response time will come in within three minutes," he said.

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