Sara: AI powering education paradigm shift

Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Duterte underscored the importance of digital education, saying that education must now exist side by side with technology, which continues to grow at an astoundingly rapid pace.

In her keynote speech during the 2023 Global Education and Innovation Summit in Seoul, South Korea, Duterte said today's education should focus on critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.

"These four elements are widely considered by experts as the pillars of modern education. And they should remain the same in digital education where the learning environment departs from our traditional classrooms," she said.

Duterte also said that the advent of new technology, particularly artificial intelligence, would create a paradigm shift in today's education.

"We now live in an era where undeniably, technology must be harnessed to improve access, quality and equality in education. And the advent of artificial intelligence will certainly create another paradigm shift in education," she said.

According to her, education has vastly evolved from the traditional imparting of knowledge in classrooms, at home from parents, and from our respective social circles and communities.

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