Lovi loves her ‘bride tribe’

Lovi Poe with her bridesmaids. Photo @lovipoe/Instagram
Lovi Poe with her bridesmaids. Photo @lovipoe/Instagram

Lovi Poe, who got married last month to producer Monty Blencowe, gave tribute to her bridesmaids in an Instagram post.

Senator Grace Poe, who is Lovi's half-sister, is one of the bridesmaids.

Calling them her "bride tribe", Lovi wrote:

Cue in the tears, laughter and more champagne with this bride tribe. ♥️ Beyond grateful to all my bridesmaids for the walk down memory lane, for giving me moments of stillness and sharing stories that will make my tummy ache. 🥂

Love this sisterhood who are all extra beautiful and ethereal in moss green dresses by @chynnamamawal

Poe got married on 26 August in Cliveden House in the United Kingdom.

Photos courtesy @lovipoe/Instagram.

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