IBP pays tribute to slain lawyer

IBP pays tribute to slain lawyer

The Integrated Bar of the Philippines on Tuesday paid tribute to slain lawyer Atty. Ma. Saniata Liwliwa Gonzales-Alzate and called for task force to investigate the killings of lawyers in the country.

This comes as the group strongly condemned her killing and called on authorities to do more to safeguard the country's abogados.

The IBP said it is in solidarity with the legal community and Alzate's family.

"The IBP honors her memory as an esteemed public interest lawyer and a dedicated Commissioner of the Integrated Bar," it said.

The IBP Committee on Bar Discipline posted a "Tribute to Ling" where it remembered her as a staunch human rights defender, one who was "fiery in her passion, brave, and cavalier in the pursuit of justice for the oppressed."

It said she was dedicated to fighting for the marginalized and disadvantaged, advocating for those who could not speak up for themselves as she upheld the principles of fairness and integrity and inspired others to fight for justice.

The IBP also said that the legacy of the lady lawyer would continue to live on in the lives she touched and the changes she wrought.

"Her fearlessness in the face of adversity serves as a reminder to us all to never back down in the pursuit of what is right, ensuring that her impact will be felt for generations to come," it said.

The IBP committee also remembered the other lawyers who were killed and left a void in the community. Their fate underscores the risks and dangers that some members of the legal profession face.

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