Carmela Geisert holds second solo exhibit

‘In Reverie’ captures the essence of positive energy and introspection through an array of colors and forms
Artist Carmela Geisert. |  PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF Carmela Geisert
Artist Carmela Geisert. | PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF Carmela Geisert

Self-taught artist and hotelier Carmela Geisert mounts her second solo exhibit at the Redwood Cafe and Artspace in Quezon City. Curated by Professor Ruben DF Defeo, In Reverie runs from 2 September to 4 October and showcases a collection of abstract paintings that explore the realms of daydreaming, positivity and personal introspection

Geisert's artistic journey is an exploration of emotions translated onto canvas. In Reverie captures the essence of positive energy and introspection through an array of colors and forms. Each canvas becomes a portal into a world where colors are felt as much as they are seen, evoking a sense of serenity and connection with the inner self.

Her artistic process is an intimate dance between intuition and expression. Her paintings are a result of instinctual gestures and emotional impulses, giving rise to colors that seem to emanate from her very being. Her canvases come alive with stream-of-consciousness compositions that playfully incorporate foliage and forest scenes, fluid experimentations and line-scribbled glimpses into mythology, creating a balance between the organic and the abstract.

Geisert enjoys inspiring moments of dreamy contemplation in the lush greenery and proximity to the beach in Palawan and elsewhere. As she gathers her memories of travel, photography, fashion and leisure, she fills her canvases with instinctual gestures often reflecting her moods and meandering thoughts.

She started sketching using charcoal and pastel crayons in 2016 to pass off the time during long-haul flights, her portraitures and human figures sketches characterized by confident lines. She also found her way naturally to creating "fluid art," mixing acrylic paints to create interesting random patterns that follow the character of the paints that she pours on the canvas.

Geisert has been recognized by her alma maters — PATTS College of Aeronautics with an Outstanding Alumni award in 2017 and Colegio de Santa Ana with an Outstanding Alumni award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship and in Fine Arts in 2020.

The Redwood Café and Artspace is located at Unit 104, Cedar Executive Building, 26 Timog Avenue, Quezon City. For more information, contact Carmela (0917-5507374), Micki (0918-6979226), Jes (0927-8524116) and Redwood Cafe (0917-1386881). The exhibit is for the benefit of the Iraya Mangyan community of Mindoro.

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