Deployment of ‘untrained’ Taguig enforcers questioned

Residents of the 10 enlisted men's barrio whose jurisdiction was given by the Supreme Court expressed concern over the deployment of new "untrained" traffic enforcers to man traffic particularly in public schools.

Early on, the attempt of the city government of Taguig to show their presence in the said EMBO traffic enforcers from the Traffic Management Office deployed enforcers wearing black and red uniforms with matching identification cards and onboard their motorcycles.

The residents did not mind the new arrivals because they added to the workforce of enforcers from the city government of Taguig thus the students felt safer.

However, as time passed on new enforcers wearing only white t-shirt, black pants with no identification to show has been seen manning traffic and assisting students from different public schools in the EMBO area.

It was learned that the new enforcers were "trainees" and were recruited from the different barangays formerly from Makati City.

These "trainees" catch the attention of the parents of the students because the former enforcers who have been manning the pedestrian lanes in the schools are all wearing proper uniforms with identification cards.

They are also being supervised by their team leaders in every shift to make sure the enforcers are doing their job to the letter.

When asked who deployed them, the new enforcers said they were just recruited and were told to wear black pants, shoes and white shirts and were issued identification cards and they were not yet trained.

The traffic enforcers from Taguig City served as the team leaders in different areas namely Kalayaan Intersection Lawton-Gate 1; Gate 2; Gate 3 and Gate 4, Makati Science, Bonifacio High School, East Rembo, J.P. Rizal Extenson corner Anahaw/Sampaguita Street, Iglesia ni Cristo, Osmak and Buting Intersection.

There are 21 traffic enforcers from Taguig serving as team leaders in the said areas and one supervisor.

Daily Tribune