100 Cebu City structures up for demolition

100 Cebu City structures  up for demolition

The local government of Cebu City announced on Wednesday that it is set to demolish around 100 structures along F. Vestil Road in Barangay Mambaling in the south and Barangay Talamban in the north to give way in the construction of the Cebu Bus Rapid Transit system.

City Administrator Collin Rosell said the government will have to acquire 120 properties on both sides of F. Vestil Road and three properties in Talamban.

About 100 families and property owners have to leave their homes but they were assured of compensation.

The demolition plan was sent to the City Council as it should be endorsed for implementation.

Rosell said the CBRT office will identify who among the property owners will be qualified to receive just compensation or housing relocation.

Division for the Welfare of Urban Poor head Atty. Anthony Librando said areas affected are both commercial and residential.

He added the affected owners have known that they must vacate their properties since public hearings were already conducted two years ago.

Librando said the relocation site lot will be purchased by the city government while the National Housing Authority will build a medium-rise building for qualified affected residents. The proposed relocation site will be along Alviola Street, Barangay Tejero.

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