Carlos Agassi released a transphobic rap song, ‘aspires’ to be Rendon 

Photo from @missmelahabijan/Instagram and @carlosagassi/Instagram.
Photo from @missmelahabijan/Instagram and @carlosagassi/Instagram.

Carlos Agassi (remember him?) apparently released a transphobic rap song, and no one heard about it until Mela Habijan, beauty queen and trans activist, called him out on it. 

Carlos "Amir" Agassi was one of The Hunks, a loosely assembled group of ABS-CBN leading men composed of Piolo Pascual, Jericho Rosales, John Lloyd, and Diether Ocampo, where "Amir" was always considered the least popular.    

Agassi's novelty "rap" called "Milk Tea" is very explicit and formulated for clickbait. Habijan and other netizens called out a particular line. ""Venti ang kanyang milk tea. Sa dami ng binibini. Nakabingwit ako ng binabai."

Habijan called out Agassi on Twitter. "I understand that you may be trying to revive your showbiz career or at the least, be relevant, but I suggest, do it right!

The ingredients to how people bounce back in life: real talent, hard work, charisma, and treating people right. Work on these!"

Agassi has doubled down, and has gone the way of Rendon Labador's schtick of trying to get a rise out of people. "Ako sumikat ikaw laos na di pa sumisikat huhu iyak yarn, hanap kakampi." 

The lyrics are ironic considering rumors that Agassi is gay have followed him for all of his career. He has also tried to pass the lyrics off as a "romantic comedy", but no one seems to be buying that argument. 

This uber show of machismo has always been Agassi's schtick in a field of talented and accomplished actors where he could not compete, but the crass and explicit "rap" is obviously a desperate grab for notoriety and clicks, which is already a crowded field of online personalities, riddled with many players. It's probably why it didn't even make a dent in the news cycle when it was released two weeks ago, and up until now only has 14,000 views. In fact, he's so desperate for views he's offered a P10,000 raffle prize to people who will share the video. 

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