$100 per hour to watch TikTok, any takers?

$100 per hour to watch TikTok, any takers?

What's better than watching reels from TikTok all day? Maybe getting paid for it, too?

Now if you got what it takes to do the bare minimum – meaning, lying all day and eyes fixed on the screen watching short videos – this could be it.

Marketing/influencer firm Ubiquitous put up an ad looking for three people who will undergo a 10-hour TikTok watching binge. For $100 per hour.

Interested people must subscribe to the company's YouTube channel and convince Ubiquitous through a short blurb.

Applicants must be 18 years old and have an understanding of how TikTok works, as well as a nose for trends.

Chosen participants will then be asked about the experience and post it on social media.

The experiment hopes to chart the emerging trends online, according to the application.

The deadline is 31 May.

Daily Tribune