ATFX bolsters business opportunities worldwide

ATFX, a globally-acclaimed broker, recently hosted its annual dinner for partners worldwide in Bangkok, Thailand as a celebration of the company’s success and an opportunity to widen business opportunities for its partners in the Philippines and the rest of Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

Attended by more than 600 employees and business partners, the event was a great chance for ATFX and the rest of its stakeholders to reconnect with each other.

ATFX Group chairman Joe Li, with the rest of ATFX’s executive committee, expressed gratitude towards their staff, colleagues, business partners, clients, and independent brokers who had stood by them despite the challenging years.

“After three years of the pandemic, the ATFX team comprising over 600 people worldwide has finally assembled in Bangkok, Thailand. This is a great chance for us to spend time with each other and to express our gratitude to our beloved colleagues and education partners who have been with us through thick and thin,” said Li.

“The whole delegation is comprised of different backgrounds, cultures, and religions, yet we all work and play well together. ATFX embraces diversity, and we admire the beauty of our people. We are sure that good moments last forever. We will move forward together to create more historical moments in the years to come,” he added.

Aside from the dinner proper where gadgets and luxury items were raffled off, the delegates were also treated to different scenic tours and experiences Thailand has to offer. These included the Thailand City Tour in Tuk Tuk, Grand Palace Tour, and Suan Sampran Park Tour.

Apart from celebrating their successes, ATFX took advantage of the occasion to strengthen business opportunities throughout their networks, such as the Philippines.

ATFX’s decision to widen its network in the Philippines is a strategic move aimed at expanding its footprint in the Asia-Pacific region. The Philippines is an emerging market with a growing economy, making it an attractive investment destination.

In the Philippines, ATFX has partnered with SmarTrade to educate more Filipinos about the different opportunities in online trading. For the past five years, SmarTrade has been offering free learning sessions and one-on-one coaching on online trading.

This March, ATFX and SmarTrade are launching a new program for local traders, the BOSS: Business Opportunity Seminar and Successful Partner Program. This series of workshops and open-house events are geared towards engaging and educating more traders to level up their knowledge in trading as well as provide an opportunity for them to join ATFX’s expansive network of brokers.


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