Valorant plots replay function

Graphics courtesy of Valorant / Riot Games

One of the most requested replay features for popular five versus five team-based first-person shooter Valorant is finally in the works, Riot Games’ Valorant development team lead Anna Donlon revealed.

Popularized by another FPS game Overwatch, the replay feature allows players to see key plays and fights.

It also allows players to see how they got killed in a gunfight, letting them study the errors they have made and, in some cases, find out if an opposing player is actually cheating.

“Wanted to share that we have much more in development than we talked about in the kick-off video. Lots of things! Things like replays and new server locations and mode updates and things you really care about,” Donlon said in a series of tweets.

“We typically don’t talk about those things until we can make firmer commitments around dates or share actual details mainly out of concern we might hype things up sooner than we should, over-promise, etc. But really, we should chat more.”

Aside from the brand-new agents that the development team releases every new episode, Valorant always provides fresh content to keep their loyal player-base engaged with the title by releasing Battle Passes and limited-time modes on a regular basis.

But more than the replay function and the regular predictable updates that Riot Games provides its fan-base, Donlon also revealed that a new game mode is also on the horizon for Valorant in the near future.

“A look at our agents from the team in February, hear from Esports at VCT (Valorant Champions Tour) Brazil in March, and then more details about our new mode and other features throughout the year,” Donlon shared.

The news, of course, was a welcome development to the ever-faithful Valorant community, drawing praises from both casual players and professionals.

“Y’all are the best,” Sentinels head coach Adam “kaplan” Kaplan said.

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