Boxing’s not savage after all

Walang personalan, trabaho lang (It’s just business)

Just moments ago, Lawrence Dumam-ag and Christian Gagarin were trying to kill each other.

But following the inconclusive ending to their scheduled six-round flyweight fight Saturday night in Mandaluyong City, I saw something that people hardly see whenever they watch boxing on television.

Even those who saw it live would probably be unaware that something magical happened following Dumam-ag and Gagarin’s knockdown-filled brawl at the Barangay Mauway Executive Sports Complex.

As a safety precaution, the medical personnel of the Games and Amusements Board ordered that the two fighters come to them so they could be examined given what had happened in their short but explosive bout.

The two young punchers traded knockdowns to the crowd’s delight but a hideous cut on Gagarin forced the ringside physician to call a halt to their contest.

Since it was only the third round, it was automatic that the fight would be declared a draw as per rules.

In the end, Gagarin’s right eye was completely shut because of the wound.

Dumam-ag seemed okay but the GAB thought it would be wise to examine them both using the technologically-savvy device called infra scanner that could detect inter-cranial bleeding.

First to arrive was Dumam-ag; Gagarin came minutes later.

Soon, they found each other within arm’s length.

You’d think that they would attempt to settle the unfinished business by going at it one more time.

But it wasn’t the case.

Gagarin tapped Dumam-ag on the shoulder and Dumam-ag responded by doing the same thing.

I could not hear them — even if I was about a couple of feet away — because the audience was simply immersed in another fight that was taking place on top of the ring.

Dumam-ag came into the fight armed with a 5-0 record with four knockouts; Gagarin entered the match holding a 3-1 card with three knockouts.

They looked as if they were saying sorry to each other.

It was strange because less than an hour before they were throwing bombs at each other and wishing that the referee would step in to stop it or one of the cornermen would climb up the ring and signal that he had seen enough.

If there’s one sport that truly embodies the often-quoted remark “Walang personalan, trabaho lang (it’s just business),” it is boxing.

You should have seen how Dumam-ag and Gagarin conducted themselves after both attempted to knock each other’s head off.

Boxing’s not savage after all. Honestly.

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