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The start of a new year almost always exerts pressure on us all. Achievers have by now started implementing their 2023 master plan while others are following the flow of their inclinations.
Be that as it may, your health and wellness goals should ideally find a prominent place in your to-do list.

Here are some basic and practical answers to your questions to help you along your new journey.

Q: How do I manage my stress levels?
A: Come up with a plan that you enjoy the most. It’s important that you find pleasure in them. Follow the various suggestions such as:

Mindful breathing. By controlling your breath you will immediately feel relief. Inhale in six counts, hold in three counts, exhale in six counts. Do this 6-3-6 routine each time you feel anxious.

Quiet your surroundings must be quiet. If not, step outside to catch your breath.

Self-talk. You should talk to yourself often. And all the things you say must be positive and life-affirming. Shut out the negatives or your fears will overtake you.

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hydration can improve one’s complexion.

Music therapy. Listen to something soothing.

Exercise. Sweat it out. This is 100 percent fool-proof. Feel-good hormones take over right after a good workout.

Laugh. Be with funny people or watch a comedy.

Relaxing teas. Try chamomile, peppermint, lavander and Saint John’s Wort (Note: Will induce sleep)

Q: What is the fastest, safest way to slim down?
A: The answer to that is to limit your calorie intake. By cutting back on the quantity of your food, you will definitely lose weight
Drastic diets are detrimental to one’s health. So cut back slowly. For example: From two cups of rice per meal to one cup then to half a cup in the span of three weeks.

Photograph courtesy of unsplash/sara scarpa
Always have vegetables in your meals.

Eat more fibrous foods like veggies and fruits. Use them as rice or carbohydrate replacement. Always eat the vegetables when you start your meal. It will fill you up faster.
No dessert at night. This is non-negotiable.

Burn the calories through a daily and regular exercise program. Consistency is the answer.

Q: How can I improve my complexion?
A: My secrets are not secret — hydration, vitamin C, healthy meals, good sleep and exercise. You cannot go wrong with this regimen.
In addition: Sunblock plus a cleansing and moisturizing routine.

More answers next week!

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Love and light.

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