A whale of a time at glitzy Alabang


That Daily Tribune employees know how to party is no longer a question.

Saturday, last week, 17 December was another occasion for the hardworking staff of this paper to show their mettle as party animals when, despite the day-long drizzles, they still managed to hold their 2022 Christmas Party in glitzy Ayala-Alabang with no less than the couple Willy and Chingbee Fernandez hosting them.

It was a riotous night of song, dance, and booze plus a lot of giveaways as they gave in to their various talents and boozing abilities. Never mind if they have to do it under the cover of tents. Never mind if the ground soaked by precipitation was wet and soggy. And yes, never mind if company darling Kenneth Tabornal had to take a tumble unscripted in the Online Department’s dance presentation and limped out of the stage luckily unharmed.

Of course, Tarseeto, the paper’s mascot was there too, opening up the night’s presentation with a Guess Who I Am puzzler that turned out to be Gerlie Bohatin of Admin who came out of it all sweaty and wet.

While everybody helped themselves to the sumptuous feast of lechon and roasted calf, booze likewise flowed with all label colors, if you know what we mean. There was also bibingka and puto bumbong, French fries and other delicacies that filled the staff’s plates.

The biggest winner? For the third straight time, Editorial went away with the night’s biggest haul, winning the Inter-department Christmas competition with a riotous presentation of switching genders that all but completed their ambitious grand slam bid. Online placed second and Finance third.

The biggest surprise? That most Tribune staffers know how to sing. Employees you didn’t expect to carry a tune bravely went onstage and belted their favorite songs to the accompaniment of the band.
For the finale, a meaningful message of hope and encouragement from no less than Tribune president Willy Fernandez sobered up everybody.

It was, for a workforce burdened by a daily fare of stories to write and articles to edit, a welcome reprieve, indeed.

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