Buy only certified fireworks, DTI urges revelers

As Filipinos are known for using pyrotechnics during Christmas and New Year revelries every December, the Department of Trade and Industry has urged citizens to use only firecrackers that bear the Philippine Standard or PS mark as proof that these products have undergone thorough checking.

“The purchase and use of uncertified fireworks and firecrackers may result in damage to properties and cause fatalities. Hence, the DTI is here to remind all consumers to only buy and support certified fireworks produced by licensed and authorized manufacturers with Philippine Standard (PS) License,” according to DTI-Consumer Protection Group undersecretary Atty. Ruth B. Castelo.

The Bureau of Philippine Standards, which is under the jurisdiction of the DTI-CPG, on Friday released the list of certified fireworks and firecrackers for the reference of consumers.

The BPS said the list contains only PS-licensed companies, per Republic Act No.7183 or the Law on Pyrotechnic Devices which prohibits the importation of finished firecrackers and fireworks.

Some of the fireworks brands and companies that were certified by the DTI with their corresponding PS License numbers as of 19 December 2022 are DRAGON FIREWORKS of DRAGON FIREWORKS INCORPORATED (Q-1253), DIAMOND of DIAMOND FIREWORKS INC. (Q-1469), LF FIREWORKS of LEGENDARY FIREWORKS INC. (Q-1903), PEGASUS of PEGASUS FIREWORKS (Q-1904), PHOENIX of PHOENIX FIREWORKS (Q-1337), and DOUBLE L of DOUBLE L FIREWORKS (Q-1989).

The full list of DTI-certified fireworks is accessible at the BPS website (

Also, the DTI said certified fireworks should bear information such as the name of the firework, classification and intended use, brand or trade name, name and address of the manufacturer, the words “Made in the Philippines,” warnings and precautionary signs, appropriate instructions for use, effects, and the PS Quality Mark with license number.

These marks should be clearly printed on a single-colored background on the package of each firework for the guidance of consumers, according to the DTI advisory.

“The DTI-BPS is the National Standards Body authorized to promulgate Philippine National Standards. PNS are voluntary in nature and may be used as a reference by any interested parties. The conformance to PNS or parts thereof becomes mandatory only when the same is used as a reference in Technical Regulations issued by regulatory authorities,” the DTI further said.

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