Zombs quits pro Valorant circuit

PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF VALORANT JARED ‘Zombs’ Gitlin loses the fire to compete in professional Valorant circuit.

Professional Valorant player Jared “Zombs” Gitlin has called it quits in the competitive scene.

One of the pioneer members of the Sentinels Valorant squad that catapulted it to international stardom, Zombs has been benched by the organization earlier this year as the squad failed to replicate its previous success after a series of disappointing setbacks.

Although benched by the Sentinels Valorant pro team, Zombs stayed with the organization as a streamer.

Recently, he tried to form a team of his own but immediately found out that he does not have the fire to professionally compete anymore.

“I am not scrimming anymore but I was scrimming for like a week,” he said during a live stream.

“The team I was making had some potential and we had some potential organizations interested. But then I went to Los Angeles, I talked to the Sentinels owner a little bit and now I never want to leave Sentinels. I am staying on Sentinels forever.”

“I am just going to stay on Sentinels since I have a good relationship with them. I have been on Sentinels since the beginning since they had zero followers. I am not going to compete again.” It is not worth it for me anymore. I have opportunities that are better for the future and stuff that are better in every aspect than competing.”

Though Zombs did not reveal the opportunities that were presented to him during his meeting with the big boss, he nevertheless stated that it is the taxing life of an Esports competitive player that made him decide that he has had enough.

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