Short videos on persons living with HIV in free screenings

PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF MCAD MANILA ‘Day With(out) Art — Being & Belonging’ promotional poster.

Day With(out) Art: Being & Belonging, a series of seven short videos which highlight under-told stories from the perspective of international artists who are living with HIV, will be screened for free on Thursday, 1 December .

The show is in partnership with the Visual AIDS, a New York-based non-profit organization committed to fighting AIDS by supporting HIV+ artists, utilizing art and provoking dialogue.

From navigating intimacy and sex to confronting stigma and isolation, the newly commissioned works center on the emotional realities of people living with HIV and their stories on finding belonging, support and love.

In Memoria Vertical, artivista Camila Arce presents a poem about the experience of being born with HIV and growing up as part of the first generation with access to antiretroviral medication in South America.

Here We Are: Voices of Black Women Who Live with HIV by HIV educator, podcast host and international speaker Davina “Dee” Conner and award-winning documentary director and producer Karin Hayes shares how Conner emerged from isolation and internalized stigma. They sought to understand the journeys of other Black women living with HIV.

In Nuance, Korean artist Jaewon Kim unfolds a collection of images that reflects the thoughts and feelings exchanged between him, who is living with HIV, and his HIV-negative partner.

Kiss of Life by queer artist Clifford Prince King features raw conversations with several Black people who are living with HIV. Disclosure, rejection and self-love are expressed through visual poetry and dreamscapes.

Clifford Prince King’s ‘Kiss of Life,’ (2022), commissioned by Visual AIDS for Being & Belonging.

In Los Amarillos, visual artist and House of Tupamaras co-founder Camilo Acosta Huntertexas and interdisciplinary artist and Tomamos la Palabra co-founder Santiago Lemus address the alienation and hypervisibility caused by jaundice, a side effect of the low-cost antiretroviral drugs supplied by the government in Colombia.

Red Flags, a love letter by performance and video artist and queer community health activist Mikiki, speaks with other drug users about the possibilities of representing the pleasure of substance use beyond the framework of harm.

Camila Arce’s ‘Memoria Vertical’ (2022).


Santiago Lemus and Camilo Acosta Huntertexas’ ‘Los Amarillos’ (2022).


Davina ‘Dee’ Conner and Karin Hayes’ ‘Here We Are: Voices of Black Women Who Live with HIV’ (2022).

Lxs dxs bichudas by visual artist and educator Jhoel Zempoalteca and non-binary folk dancer La Jerry is a poetic dance dialogue in Zapotec and Spanish that explores the ways in which race, gender and geography shape the lives and bodies of people living with HIV in Mexico.

The film screenings are organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde.

Day With(out) Art: Being & Belonging is free and open to the public.

Interested participants may register at


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