Smaller waistlines, good mood, and more

Yes, it is time to answer your most-often asked concerns as candidly as I can. Here are my inputs. Because wellness is such a vast terrain covering the realms of body, mind, and spirit, there is indeed much to understand. It is enlightening to embrace the holistic concept of the self. By being authentically connected to one’s inner self, answers may come to you effortlessly.

On waistlines
No two people are alike. And neither are their body types. Therefore, it isn’t wise to compare yourself to someone else. Consider your body frame and type of lifestyle.

In general, keeping your waistline small can be challenging for some and not for others. But there is a secret. Well, more like a smart approach.

1. Control the calories. I did not say count the calories because it would be tedious to do so. Instead, measure quantities. For example, if you are used to consuming one cup of rice per meal, try eating less, say half a cup. Once you get used to eating less, the rest is easy. Dessert would be the biggest test of all. Normally, I would allow myself a modest serving of anything sweet instead of a generous one. And always make dessert the last thing you eat after a meal. Never before. Got it?

2. Fiber up. Feast on vegetables. High in fiber, it can consume more space in your tummy so that the tendency is to feel half full after a bowl of salad. I am big on salads. Always, I tend to gorge on vegetables before going for the viand which is normally fish, chicken or a plant-based dish. Remember that the more fiber you eat, the more water you should consume

3. Exercise. Needless to say, exercise is a must. Try to put in 30 to 45 minutes of aerobic workout daily. Alternate with stretching and flexibility exercises.

4. Carbo restriction. This is the easiest way to get smaller. Eat less carbohydrates. And this applies to all starchy foods, most especially rice. After five days on a low-carb diet, one can easily shed five to six pounds.

5. No junk food. If you are serious about losing weight, then there is no room for any kind of junk food.

6. Water, please. No need to order any fancy beverage at mealtime. Go for good old-fashioned water. It’s a zero-calorie healthy drink.

Photograph courtesy of unsplash/sara scarpa
Opt for vegetables instead of junk food.

Feeling good
This is a tricky one only because there is only one truth about the matter. Your mood is determined by you and you alone. It is not controlled by someone else or any external factor. You are in control even if sometimes your temper can become out of control.

I would recommend meditation. It is the most effective way to manage your stress levels. Make it a habit to find some quiet time every day. For busy people, this might be an impossibility. But if you make time for time out, the rewards will be fulfilling. Being on top of your emotions brings harmony into your life. It will show on your countenance.

A peaceful mind induces physical relaxation. Make it a habit to meditate regularly. Its anti-aging effects are a guarantee.

More of everything
Yes, our spirits were so designed to ascend and transcend. Wanting more comes from a heart that desires the best. And the best is premised on a spirit that never gives up. It’s called bravura, having the courage to pursue what is bigger and better. By tapping your inner desires, one can dream without limitation. Yes to dreams. So beginning today, make that long-ignored dream of yours to manifest.
Affirmation: “I deserve so much more.” Love and light.

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