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Talent is not developed overnight. It takes years of practice and training to hone a craft like drawing or painting. But the gift of creativity can be acquired instantly in the case of Moe Hunter, 38, of Hereford, United Kingdom.

Hunter is a self-employed carpenter, drawer, painter and model builder. He has sold pieces of his art and has displayed drawings and paintings of Marvel and DC characters, such as Loki and Batman, at Comic Con events across the country, The Sun reported.

Surprisingly, Hunter never trained in his profession and admitted was even a lousy drawer. Even he himself and his family didn’t realize his skills until he recovered from amnesia and a month of being comatose after undergoing brain surgery to treat his meningitis and tuberculosis.

“I just know comas can do crazy things to a human brain. I just found I had this passion there which never existed in me before,” Hunter said, according to The Sun.

Of course, no one probably will dare get into a coma just to acquire new skills for earning a living. If ever, the closest one can effortlessly acquire a talent for such a purpose is by posting a video of himself or herself repeatedly until someone notices and hire him, something that worked for American Josh Nalley.

After 321 video posts on TikTok, someone from the CBS TV series “CSI: Vegas” recently called and casted Nalley in its second season premiere last 3 November.

The now certified actor’s efforts finally paid off when he played the role of a body in the show’s first episode. It was not bad since he had painstakingly prepared for that part since 24 October 2021.

That day, Nalley recorded himself lying on the floor, face down and motionless. The next days, he shot himself in similar unmoving and unspeaking poses but in different settings with the caption explaining that he would continue playing dead until he lands a role in a show or movie.

Nalley continues to post videos of him playing dead to signal upcoming CSI episodes featuring him as a body.


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