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What could be more basic than self-care? A feeling of well-being can helps us do or accomplish more. This, I have proven with just a simple haircare appointment I made at Basement Salon Eastwood through the new app, Beauty Buddy. Life happened and everything got out of control… I won’t let that set the tone of this writing though.

After almost two years of not getting my hair done, I finally had the chance to not just get a haircut, but also have it colored with the red hue that I wanted for my birthday (June) and even had a scalp treatment — all with Davines products.

I was in heaven…to think it was a Monday.

photograph courtesy of Beauty Buddy
Beauty Buddy founders Pia Trinidad (COO) and Victoria Riingen (CEO).

The convenience of booking an appointment with Basement Salon was a big factor.

Beauty Buddy is an online platform that makes booking self-care appointments easy and convenient.

The app carries partner brands including Basement Salon, David’s Salon, Nuyu Spa, The Chai Spa, and many more, which makes for a holistic experience in booking services and treatments.

Beauty Buddy was founded by COO Pia Trinidad and CEO Victoria Riingen who had a first-hand experience with the convenience digitalization has provided. Similar to Beauty Buddy patrons, they, too, had a hard time syncing their self-care appointments into their schedules.

Apart from that, they also want to spotlight salons and stylists. “We want our customers to be loyal to the salon for their craft and not just because of a voucher that is valid for
one-time use. Plus, it allows them to upsell because multiple services are highlighted to get one look,” Riingen said.

Photograph by Raye Sanchez for the Daily Tribune
the writer during her hair appointment at Basement Salon booked through Beauty Buddy.

To know more about Beauty Buddy, visit Beauty Buddy on Facebook and @beautybuddycom on Instagram. For salons, nail spas, and other
beauty-related businesses who are looking to expand their brand with Beauty Buddy, email Victoria at [email protected]

Apart from my much-needed haircut, I also started trying out a new skincare brand — and I realized I should have done it sooner!

Trilogy is a New Zealand-hailed skincare brand that champions natural beauty down to its core.

Trilogy’s Rosehip oil range is an exemplary antioxidant because of the mixture of rosehip, cranberry, and Rosapene.

Founded in 2002 by sisters Sarah Gibbs and Catherine de Groot, the brand has committed itself to harness the power of its star ingredient Rosehip oil, as well as other nature-derived ingredients, in an “ethical, environmental, and socially responsible” manner. It has received accreditation from the European-based organization NATRUE.

Rosehip oil, which is best known to repair and support skin function as it produces omegas 3, 6, and 9, is sourced from Lesotho and Chile. For Trilogy, it is subjected to a
cold-pressed extraction process and a strict quality testing that ensures that 80 percent of essential fatty acid content has been derived from the plant.

Trilogy’s Rosehip oil range is an exemplary antioxidant because of the mixture of rosehip, cranberry, and Rosapene, the brand’s own mixture derived from lycopene from tomatoes and phytosterol from acai. It also nourishes, moisturizes, and protects the skin from free radicals.

This writer can vouch for its claims after using the products for more than two weeks.

Rosapene Night Cream.

As someone who barely gets any sleep, has 90 percent coffee and 10 percent water flowing through her system, and inevitably welcomes pollution, having the best skin is quite unachievable. And personally, I shy away from oils because of my normal to oily skin type.

Truth be told, when the brand was first introduced to me, it felt like a mismatch because of how intimidating facial oils are. But when I finally got around to using it, I questioned why I didn’t use it sooner.

For context, I use the cream cleanser twice daily, the certified organic rosehip oil twice daily, the vital moisturizing cream in the morning, and the Rosapene night cream in the evening. These are mixed with my usual toner, eye cream, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

The first thing I noticed was how plump my skin felt the morning after using the Rosehip oil and night cream. It also gave life to my usually dull complexion.

For my morning routine, I incorporated the Rosehip oil and the vital moisturizing cream with my usual regimen. I also used it under makeup. To my surprise, it didn’t add to the oiliness my skin gets throughout the day — and most of the time, I had makeup on for the whole day.

However, the only downside for me is the warmth it gives once it settles on my skin.

Like all skincare products, only time will tell if it really fits the skin. For me, the already great results I have seen in such a short time make for a promising outcome with continuous and religious use.

Trilogy is available at Wellness Plus stores, the Trilogy kiosk at Mall of Asia, Trilogy counter at Rustan’s Makati, and online at, Lazada, and

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