Casino hustle

Luck sometimes comes unexpectedly.

A 70-year-old woman from Delaware, United States won $100,000 in a lottery when the numbers in one of two “Ultimate C Instant Game” tickets she bought at a Newark gas station matched the drawn numbers last month, Delaware News Journal reported.

The regular bettor of the Delaware Lottery then bought three scratch-to-win “Serious Money” tickets from a convenience store after collecting her cash prize at the lottery office in Dover to celebrate her win.

While driving home, she scratched the tickets and one showed the top prize of $300,000. She had to return to the lottery office on 20 October to claim her second cash prize. Her total winnings of $400,000 within a week’s time will go to her retirement fund, she told DNJ.

Meanwhile, Randolph Zoleta Brutas was hoping to get lucky when he recently visited a casino in Imus, Cavite. It seemed that luck favored him when he sat on one slot machine as he saw a car key on the floor.

Brutas took the heaven-sent find and quickly left the casino. He went straight to the parking lot and found the keys’ matching car.

After driving off, he later realized the car was not meant for him as police found and arrested him five hours later.

The car actually belonged to a woman who accidentally left the key at the casino slot machine. Through the help of CCTV cameras and the visitor logbook of the casino, police were able to identify and track down Brutas and recover the carjacked auto.

Brutas disputed his arrest claiming he just test drove the woman’s car. But luck seemed to have ran out for the carjacker as the police and his victim didn’t buy his alibi.

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