Insurgent setbacks continue, says Army

The PA said there is no reported casualty on the government side while the casualty from the insurgents remains undetermined

The Philippine Army stressed that setbacks one after the other have left communist terrorist groups suffering huge reduction of members, firearms and community support following a recent encounter in the hinterlands of Bukidnon.

The military forces seized war materials after an informant tipped the 8th Infantry Battalion that more or less 15 rebels were roaming around the area. The authorities immediately launched a Focus Military Operation, followed by a 13-minute firefight between the military troops and the rebel group.

The following day, the Army disclosed that another firefight blew against the terrorists and prompted the soldiers to call for Close Air Support from the attack helicopters of the Philippine Airforce.

These encounters resulted in the seizing of terrorists’ temporary encampment and the recovery of Ak47 rifle, hand grenades, improvise explosive device, baofeng radio, bandoliers with ammunition, cellular phone, medical kit, solar panels, sacks of rice and other “voluminous subversive” documents.

The Army said there is no reported casualty on the government side while the casualty from the insurgents remains undetermined.

8IB Commanding Officer, Lt. Col. Anthony Bacus, is encouraging the communist remnants to also surrender to the government forces.

“I am urging you to go down and lay down your arms and live peacefully with your families. Let us give importance to our family especially that Christmas is near to come and do not be deceived from the rebels promises for our government through E-CLIP is here and willing to assist you for your reintegration to the mainstream,” Bacus said.

Bacus underscored the recent encounters will pose another setback for the insurgent operations in the province.

“It suffered a huge reduction of members, strength, and firepower capabilities through surrender and loss of mass base support after civilians tipped off their locations resulting in a series of encounters,” Bacus said.

The military forces have been assisting the surrenderers in their transition away from the battleground.

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