Grab should strike balance

Go is pushing for strengthened social and welfare protection for the country’s delivery riders

Senator Christopher “Bong” Go urged Grab Philippines to strike a fair balance between business interest and welfare of its drivers, riders and customers.

Go emphasized the significance of every peso for the riders as well as the customers, pleading with the company not to shift the burden to them.

Grab’s commission increase comes at a time when rising fuel prices have been cited by a number of delivery riders and drivers who have petitioned the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board to regulate the app-based ride-hailing and delivery services.

Go is pushing for strengthened social and welfare protection for the country’s delivery riders, and ensuring that the rights and safety of both the customers and riders are upheld in every transaction.

According to Grab Philippines, the new commission rate framework would include a new fare rebate program — enabling drivers who are more frequently on the road, to receive larger cash payouts.

More perks coming

A community of transport network vehicle service drivers, however, is looking forward to earning better once the new and adjusted commission scheme proposed by Grab Philippines is in place as it vows to give them more perks.

In a press statement, TNVS Community Spokesperson Saturnino Mopas said more than 25,000 drivers are actively participating in the categorized commission program being developed by Grab Philippines to ensure fairness.

“Grab Philippines engages and collaborates with the TNVS community in developing and rolling out various driver initiatives – including changes to the Ka-Grab Rewards Program and the tiered commission program,” Saturnino said.

“We believe the new commission scheme is fair and will still help our daily livelihood.

As part of the co-development process of the tiered commission program, there is no truth in the news that Grab will not charge a 22 percent commission,” he added.

“The groups we represent, which include 25,000 members, see no reason to stage a protest. We need to persevere and work together to somehow make our lives easier in these times,” he said.

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