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What made the foreign media notice De Leon’s performance was the movie’s plot, which takes an unexpected turn in the second crucial part.

After ‘Triangle of Sadness, Dolly de Leon will do a new movie to be shot in the United Stetes.

A star is born in Dolly de Leon’s nuanced performance as the yacht cruise toilet manager-turned-desert island survival leader in Ruben Östlund’s social satire Triangle of Sadness, which opened the 10th QCinema International Film Festival on 17 November at Gateway Cineplex 10.

The opening of the 10th QCinema International Film Festival draws a crowd. | PHOTOGRAPHS BY POCHOLO CONCEPCION FOR THE DAILY TRIBUNE

The film, which features an international cast including Woody Harrelson as the yacht’s drunkard captain, won the Palme d’Or (highest prize) at the 76th Cannes Festival.

De Leon has figured in Variety’s Awards Circuit section list of predictions for Best Supporting Actress at the 95th Academy Awards on 12 March 2023.

Speaking to the media shortly before Triangle of Sadness made its Philippine premiere at QCinema, De Leon said she’s aware of the intense campaigning efforts to pitch for nominees at the Oscars, but nonetheless she’s glad that Filipino artists have been getting noticed in world cinema these past several years.

After drawing prominent coverage in Variety, New York Times, The Guardian and dozens of other foreign publications, De Leon now has an international agent and a Filipino manager — privileges she didn’t have in all the years she had toiled as a theater, TV and movie actor.

Yes, she said, a new movie is coming her way, to be shot in the United States.

2022 NATIONAL Artist for Film and Broadcast Arts Ricky Lee.

What made the foreign media notice De Leon’s performance was the movie’s plot, which takes an unexpected turn in the second crucial part.

From the New York Times, 7 October (

“Interested in inverting the power dynamics between the superrich and those underpaid to serve them, Ostlund found De Leon’s transformation from shipboard housekeeping staffer to authoritative captain ashore to be searingly convincing. ‘In very few scenes you have to buy that she is taking control of this group,’ he said via video call.

QUEZON City Mayor Joy Belmonte welcomes the audience to the QCinema opening.

“De Leon explained: ‘I admire Abigail because she just took it upon herself to be in charge without asking for approval from anyone. If I were in her situation, I’d probably still be following people around.

“‘If you’re living in the Philippines, you will know at least one Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW),” she says. “I know lots. My mother spent 30 years in the US as an OFW. So, I already understood how someone like Abigail would handle that situation. These are strong people. It takes courage to leave your country and your family. It is not for the weak of heart.’ Her mother died recently, at the age of 91, but De Leon talks about her in the present tense. ‘She’s a tough cookie. She is a force to be reckoned with. I didn’t think of her consciously when I was creating Abigail but they are similar. Natural born leaders.’

I’M now the captain, Dolly de Leon’s character Abigail declares in ‘Triangle of Sadness.’

From The Guardian, 20 October): ( “One thing De Leon knew immediately about Abigail is that she shouldn’t be downtrodden. ‘I felt she needed some sex appeal even though she’s a toilet cleaner. I didn’t want her relationship with Carl to be purely transactional. I wanted him to have a bit of enjoyment, too. I would like to think Abigail satisfied him sexually more than Yaya.’ I point out that women of Abigail’s age and young men such as Carl are each at their respective sexual peaks. ‘Exactly!’ she whoops. ‘That would make it very passionate. At my age, women tend to be more confident, which means you’re in touch with your sexuality.

You don’t have the usual inhibitions which get in the way when you’re younger. We know how to play the game. We know how to flirt.’ She drags on her vape like a latter-day Lauren Bacall.”

The movie’s last scene is open-ended. De Leon’s facial expression is so fraught with contradiction, it would leave the audience disturbed.

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