Posing for a cause

Pink ribbons sprouted throughout the days of October, the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This universal symbol is a testimony to how the world has come together to raise consciousness of the dreaded disease. Lovingly known as the Ribbon of Life, the brave and courageous survivors wear this to support the progress being made to defeat the malignancy that continue to claim lives globally, as well as to remember those who have passed on.

To commemorate the movement, ace photographer Mark Dales launched a week-long photo exhibit at the Ayala Center Cebu, where 12 breast cancer survivors wore their pink ribbons to heart and posed as his muses. Their names and number of years since their detection were highlighted.

These survivors all belong to the ICanServe advocacy group, which puts a face to survivorship. They empower themselves with information on what they can do to help others, one of which is that early detection of breast cancer is the best prevention.

Some of the brave ladies shared with me their inspirational motivational mantras that enable them to stay the course and continue chasing their dreams.

Me Anne Alcordo  Solomon:  “When faith begins, worries end. Believe in miracles — they do happen.”

Jen Funtanar: “Strength grows in the moments when you think you can’t go on but you keep going anyway.”

Myres Llido: “I enjoy every day without worrying about the next. God is in control.”

Daisy Benolirao: “My pain does not define me.”

Fely Serafin  Atienza: “Let go and let God.”

Gleena Arnuco: “A positive mindset brings positive things.”

Photographs courtesy of Mark Dales
Photographer Mark Dales.

Ron Bernabe Flores: “There’s no other option but face cancer head on. I can and I will.”

Levi Abelides: “Accept what is, let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.”

Gemma Labra: “Enjoy the little things in life.”

Yvonne Palma: “My God and my faith are stronger than cancer.”

Baby Hisoler: “Every day is a blessing.”

Nelia  Flores Navarro: “I live in the moment. I endeavor to start my day with gratitude.”

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